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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order quantities in bulk?
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Yes! Our products are a great value-add for corporate gifts, wedding favours, and more. Please contact us directly for larger quantity orders. We do require advance notice so we can serve your individual needs as efficiently as possible.

What is inside of the sachets?
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Our scented sachets are made of a non-toxic blend of vermiculite and fragrance. Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that is extracted from soil. We use it in our scented sachets because it is porous and absorbs our fragrance. Our fragrance formulation is proprietary. We adhere to strict safety standards set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), so you can be assured that our products are safe.

Do your sachets contain vermiculite? I heard that vermiculite contains asbestos.
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Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that is extracted from soil.

Before closing in 1990, a mine in Libby, Montana produced most of the vermiculite used in building insulation and as a soil conditioner. Tragically, the mine was also a source of naturally occurring asbestos fibers. In 1999 the mine was identified as a US EPA Superfund site and continues to undergo remediation today. We do not use any vermiculate from this site.

All of the vermiculite in our products is mined in South Carolina. Our suppliers use stringent testing to identify contaminants such as asbestos. You can be assured that a consistent and safe supply of vermiculite is used in our scented sachets.

There is a warning on the back of the sachet “AVOID CONTACT OF PACKAGE WITH...” If the fragrance in a sachet can damage these surfaces, is it safe?
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Our Sachets are safe to use in your home, car, and office as directed. Fragrance and essential oils, like any oil, can stain or discolor upholstery and porous surfaces like, wood and natural stone.

Additionally, fragrance and essential oils can interact with the materials used in some plastics, paints, and other surface coatings. The damage that may result from placing a sachet directly on such surfaces is an incompatibility. It is NOT a hazard or flaw of either material independently.

For example the fragrance oil will not damage the biodegradable paper envelope it comes in. If the same envelope was filled with water, it would eventually be destroyed. That doesn’t make the water hazardous or the envelope weak, they are simply incompatible with one another other.

Are your products 100% natural?
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We use a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients. Please keep in mind that just because a product uses all natural materials does not mean that it is safer or contains fewer allergens. All of our fragrance ingredients adhere to strict safety standards set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

Are your products organic?
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It is not feasible to formulate a home fragrance product as organic. It would make our products very expensive, it could deplete natural resources, and our products would not have the same signature scents that you know and love. We adhere to strict safety standards set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

Are your products vegan?
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While we do not intentionally add any animal-derived ingredients to our products, we are not a certified vegan facility.

Do you test your products on animals?
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We do not test on animals here in our fragrance laboratory and do not hire any 3rd parties to do animal testing for us. We do not intentionally use animal based products, but we cannot make any claims about the testing process of the raw ingredients or other materials used to make our products.

Are your candles made from soy wax? Are there any chemicals or paraffin in it? Is it 100% natural?
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Our wax is a proprietary soy-blend wax that was formulated for maximum performance with our in-house manufactured fragrances. As with most fragranced candles, our fragrance contains both natural and synthetic ingredients. However, we adhere to strict IFRA standards, a 3rd party that sets safety standards for all natural and synthetic aroma compounds. Likewise, we also follow the National Candle Association (NCA) for general wax and candle safety standards. According to the NCA, validated scientific studies have shown that all major candle waxes produce virtually identical combustion byproducts. To date, no peer-reviewed scientific study has ever proven that candle wax emissions are harmful to human health.

Do your candle wicks contain zinc?
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Our candles use cotton or paper wicks that are free of lead and zinc.

Are scented candles safe? I recently read a story that said they can cause health problems.
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The safety of scented candles is backed by decades of research which confirms safe use. Additionally, our company performs extensive testing on our candles, making sure that the proper combustion occurs when they burn, which makes sure that no unwanted compounds are given off by our candles.